Dance Retailer News Article and owner Ruthena Fink

In the News!

Grand Jeté is in the news!  Dance Retailer News, a nationwide publication, featured Grand Jeté, interviewing owner Ruthena Fink, in their section entitled “Message Board: Front & Center,” which highlights tips and tricks from a variety of dance retail stores across the United States.  Read it here!

Dance Retailer News Article

"It's hard to be all things to all people...Unless you have a primary focus in mind, it becomes difficult to know what to purchase." - Ruthena Fink

Wear Moi Majeste from back in pink, green and lavendar

Spring/Summer Fashion 2015

Ever wonder how you can incorporate current fashion trends into your dancewear?  Let’s be honest.  Often a leotard IS what you end up wearing for the majority of the day.  So how can you make it double as your fashion statement?  


Check out these styles straight from the runway that are reflected in some of the dancewear lines we carry at Grand Jete!


Be Bold.

Color block with bright summer colors like this swimsuit featured in Harper’s Bazaar

pink and red swimsuit from harpers bazaar


…or add a contrasting colored trim to make your leotard pop and create a unique look.

*NEW in at Grand Jete this spring: Mariia by BalTogs.

Color block blues and navy/fushia leotards by Mariia

Color trimmed Mariia leotards in maroon and navy

Create more contrast by choosing leotards with cool cuts.

Blonde dancer wearing a Navy and Lavendar 3/4 sleeve leo



*Pick up on the accent colors of your leo with matching nail polish in soft summer hues

lavendar nail polish















Keep it classy.

Two women in black dresses with cutout material in the back



Why should the Little Black Dress be reserved for evening wear?


Wear Moi high neck open back leotard in black

Wear Moi Merveille leotard, mesh trim and criss cross back



High neck, open back…

Patterned mesh and flattering designs…

…these Wear Moi classics bring elegance to the everyday.






Flaunt the Floral.

Add a splash of spring floral — it’s comeback is all over the spring styles this year! 


Ainsliewear leotard with cutout back in floral print

Woman with Blue button up shirt and floral pants















*Ainsliewear made it even more eye-catching by pairing a floral print with a cutout back! 

blush nail polish                                                                             Petal pink. 


Pretty Pastels

Want your floral print but prefer it a little more subdued?  We’ve chosen a variety of tasteful leotards at Grand Jeté so you can have your cake and eat it too!  

Work a muted floral print mesh into a monochromatic leo – like the Wear Moi Majeste.

Wear Moi Majeste leotard in lavendar, high floral neck


High neck light blue dress


High-neck, oh-so-soft pastels…from streetwear to dancewear.

Wear Moi Majeste from back in pink, green and lavendar

















fashion knit shorts in blue and red stripes

Fashion knit shorts in bright colors?  Now this one we think they stole straight from a dance catalogue…

 (Below: knit shorts & legwarmers by Capezio)

Capezio bright knits in pink, purple, black and chevron


Summer Crop.

Another dance style that made its way directly into the fashion scene — now you can go from dance class to summer stylin’ without even changing.

Girl wearing black crop top and jeans

Girl wearing black crop top















Harper’s Bazaar’s fashion take on the crop top and Capezio’s dancewear catalogue…

Same look. Same great style.
Take your Grand Jeté from studio to street!  

Girl in Grand Jete wearing black Capezio Crop Top


So chic. 

Long navy dress with lace bodiceBody Wrappers catalogue page with Robert Fairchild partnering Tiler Peck who is wearing a navy lace leotard














Some things are just timeless …like lace and midnight blue…  


Body Wrappers creates an exquisite tank leotard with lace trimming both the bodice and a keyhole back, modeled by Tiler Peck of New York City Ballet. *Also available in black.  


gold ring with large blue stone




White rouched one piece swimsuitWhite Wear Moi Espoir Leotard with lace bodice

Summer is the season for white.  

Brighten your summer dancewear with a full white leotard, similar to this swimsuit featured in Harper’s Bazaar.  In place of rouching, Wear Moi created softented texture with a delicate lace bodice.



Be Artistic.


Artsy dress, paint-splattered jeans and white tank top


Make your leo the new canvas for the paintings of Degas.

*NEW at Grand Jete: Cahoots leotards.

High neck leotard printed with a degas painting

 High neck leotard printed with a degas painting, open back















Express yourself through dance.

           Explore your style.

                                Expect great things.


Pantone Spring 2015 Color Palette

Find your style at Grand Jeté – where you’ll receive personal service from staff members who dance, know dancewear, and care about you.


"I want to dance. I want to live." by Dolce



3 Brightly Colored Smoothies

How Do You Take Care of Your Body?

   An interview with Saint Paul Ballet Company Members

Brittany Adams & Anna Roehr


Headshot of professional ballet dancer Headshot of Professional Dancer         

What are some nutritional tricks you’ve learned work well with your body?




Meal Planning

BA:     I definitely eat breakfast or I would pass out.  I don’t usuallyPlate of Dinner make a specific meal plan, but I definitely need to eat a good full meal when I get back from rehearsal or class.  I need to start and end the day with “real food.”

AR:     Breakfast is usually rushed – if I’m up early enough I’ll make eggs or something with protein.  We both like making smoothies with fruit, cashew milk, chia seeds, spinach…keeps us from getting too hungry.  We usually eat dinner together – I like making meals in the crockpot a lot.


Tasty Treats

Pizza is a definite weakness and a fun treat.  You can even make it semi-healthy!

"You can't make everyone happy.  You are not pizza."

KIND Granola BarSnacks

BA:     It’s a good day when I remember to bring snacks with me.  My rule of thumb is to bring lots of snacks that keep me going but don’t weigh me down.

AR:     Lunch is more a cliff bar/granola bar during a 10 min. break to change shoes.  Same if I need to grab food before teaching.




3 Brightly Colored Smoothies

Snacks of Choice

Trail mix – because I can buy a big tub and leave it at the studio.

Smoothies or Oatmeal – I like soft foods that are light but have good fiber & protein.  I like smoothies especially because you can add whatever you want to them – like caffeine, flaxseed & supplements.  I make my own and buy frozen fruit.

Bowl of oatmeal with bananas on topHow conscious are you of carbohydrates, proteins & fats?

BA:     Not as conscious as I should be, but I definitely can tell if I haven’t had enough protein.  I find meats hard to buy and eat consistently, so eggs are a go-to.


AR:     I don’t keep track of specific amounts, but I follow something similar to the Paleo diet – not a lot of bread, rice, potatoes, red meat or milk.  I avoid refined foods in general because they just don’t make me feel very good – I just eat healthy and whole foods and eat when I’m hungry and that pretty much takes care of it.

BA:     I pay more attention to supplements, especially since I currently have a labral tear.  I take magnesium to rebuild muscles & fish oil for joint health, and I drink Emergen-C almost every day for Vitamin C, energy & potassium since I don’t like bananas.


Brittany’s Favorite Combo

*Toast with half a ripe avocado and a hard-boiled egg on top.Eggs

What exercises do you make sure to fit in outside of rehearsals/classes?Girl in yoga pose on yoga mat

BA:     I do most of my stretching & roll out my feet while exercises are being demonstrated at the barre.  I always have to stretch my hip flexors between barre & rehearsal.  And I roll out my back like 80 times a day 🙂

AR:     I have to stretch my IT band and my splits every day – they get really tight.  It’s kind of a nightly routine for both of us to roll out with a foam roller while we watch TV or something.



2 light pink weights

Do you cross train?

BA:     I like hot yoga and do the “work for trade” program at Core Power.  I also walk outside sometimes when it’s nice and occasionally lift weights for specific or challenging choreography.

AR:     I take yoga and Pilates now and then – depending on what I have time for – sometimes I’m too exhausted.  I cross train mostly to keep my core tight and sometimes lift light weights for arms since I don’t get as much of a workout with arms as I do with legs in ballet.

How do you help yourself stay hydrated?Bottled water pouring into a glass

BA:     I always have a water bottle with me, but I don’t count the ounces.  I can tell when I haven’t had enough, though, because my muscles don’t respond well, or I’ll wake up thirsty in the middle of the night.

AR:     I try to have a big glass of water in the morning before coffee or anything else.  I have water with me during class/rehearsal – I know I need to get even more than the daily amount because of how much I’m exercising and sweating.  It helps just to keep it with me.

What do you do for down time?

BA:     I would kill for down time since I really don’t have any – that’s been a real struggle this whole year.  I don’t really feel healthy or balanced without it.  I need a lot of sleep and often don’t get enough, so sometimes down time ends up being a nap.  Ideally I’d like to spend more time with friends and get more things done around the house.Cartoon Tiger Sleeping

AR:     I have an ok amount of down time…it usually ends up being late at night, which means I stay up later than I probably should – just whenever I’m home from teaching.

Brittany and I will make plans together, which is nice – it’s helpful to do something not dance-related.

What are some creative ways you’ve found to relax in the middle of a packed schedule?

 BA:    I take Epsom salt baths and try to schedule massages regularly if possible. 

      AR:     I listen to music.   

Music notes on a wavy staff

2014 Grand Jete Gift List

Looking for that perfect gift for the special dancer on your list?  Look no further!  We’ve compiled a wish list with all our favorite Grand Jete gift ideas.

Stop by and let us help you make the season

Merry and Bright!

Amateur Ballroom Couple

Grand Jeté now has its very own designer!












Natalia Prigozhina, a highly creative and experienced designer in both the fashion and dance industries, has created long ballroom smooth skirts specifically for our Store.

  • Great for studio showcases, amateur competitions and social dancing
  • High-quality, weighted material made to flow with the movement of your dancing
  • Wide, elasticized waistband that will stretch, yet stay securely in place.
  • Affordable price point

We are also able to place Special Orders with Natalia for individual costuming or dancewear needs. Items may be made to order. Inquire for more information.

Style by Natalia Business Card