Dear 1st-time Pointe Student:

Congratulations on beginning to dance en pointe! We know you’re excited, and we’re excited for you! Here are a few FAQ’s and standard procedures you may be thinking about before coming to Grand Jeté for your first pointe shoe fitting:

Do I need to make an appointment?

You do need to call and make an appointment for either an individual or group pointe shoe fitting.  This enables us to best serve our customers by ensuring we have adequate staff and can minimize long lines. (See our Appointment Policies)

What information do I need to have with me?

We will ask where you dance and whether your teacher has any preferences as to brands and styles of pointe shoes or types of padding.

What if my teacher hasn’t told me to get anything specific?

Grand Jeté always tries to fit shoes according to the teacher’s preferences, though it is not necessary that your teacher has specific preferences – we will find the shoe that is the best fit for your foot based on the strength and shape of your foot.

How will I get sized for pointe shoes?

We will look at the shape of your foot and also ask for your American street shoe size. Since pointe shoes are not sized for growing room, we will select sizes that fit snugly to the foot in both length and width for maximum support and articulation of the foot.

How many different types of pointe shoes are there?

Grand Jeté stocks pointe shoes from 5 different vendors: Bloch, Capezio, Suffolk, Freed and Gaynor Minden. Each vendor has anywhere from 3-7 different styles of pointe shoes in order to fit all different types of feet.

Since different pointe shoes are structured to fit particular foot shapes, it will not be necessary to try on every single style. However, we will try on a number of shoes until both you and your fitter agree that we have found the best pointe shoe for your feet. No two dancers will necessarily be fit with the same style shoe.

How will I know what is a good fit?

We will ask you questions as to how the shoe fits from your perspective, and we will also share our observations of the fit. Does it feel supportive? Does it look straight on your foot? Is the arch bending in the correct place? Don’t worry if it is difficult to know what you should be feeling inside the shoe right away. As you try on different styles, you will begin to get a better sense of what type of pointe shoe works and feels best on your feet. Keep in mind, however, that the shoe is not meant to do all the work, but rather serves as an assist in your being able to dance en pointe. Remember, “comfort” is relative – you will be standing on your toes!

What happens after I decide on a pair? Are they ready to wear?

Ribbon and elastic are required to hold the pointe shoes properly on your feet and are sold separately in various widths and finishes. Once you have found the right shoe, we will talk about how to sew on ribbon and elastic as well as how to properly care for your pointe shoes.

How will I remember everything???

We’ve got you covered! We will give you a 1st-time Pointe Shoe letter to take home, reiterating most of the information we’ve discussed. In this letter we have highlighted, and we strongly suggest, that you check your shoes with your teacher before you sew or wear them – *Pointe shoes may only be returned if they are not sewn or worn.

How will I know what to ask for next time I need pointe shoes?

We will set up a computer file with all of your purchase information – size and style of the pointe shoe, ribbon and elastic, pads, etc. Customers find this very useful for future pointe shoe purchases.


Congratulations on starting pointe! Happy Dancing!