You’ve come to the right place!

The Grand Jeté has a legacy of over 35 years serving dancers all over the Twin Cities metro and surrounding states, and YOU can be a part of it! We are your one-stop-shop for all your dancewear needs, with a knowledgeable and friendly staff here to assist you!

If you are new to dancing en pointe, congratulations!

After all that time you have put into building strength and technique, we are the first step to getting you dancing on your toes! We specialize in pointe shoe fittings and understand that finding the proper fit for your first pair of pointe shoes is vital to a dancer. At Grand Jeté, you will receive an expert pointe shoe fitting, information on the structure and care of pointe shoes, and advice on all the numerous accessories and padding options available for pointe dancers. We are here to answer all of your questions and make your first pointe shoe fitting the special occasion that it is!

Questions? See our FAQ’s for first-time pointe dancers for an idea of how a fitting is generally structured. Feel free to call us as well at 651-227-0331 with any additional questions.

Can you tell the difference?

With so many brands and styles to choose from, the prospect of finding the “right” pointe shoe during your first fitting can be overwhelming! But just remember: our staff has a trained eye, and while all the options may seem to blend together to you as you see them for the first time, each pointe shoe actually looks very different and unique to us. We have an experienced understanding of which types of pointe shoes generally work well for different types of feet. Each style has specific properties and purposes, and we will make sure we explain what we are looking for in these differences during the fitting.

We’ve done the work!

As dancers ourselves, we have a lot of experience to draw from when helping you find the pointe shoe that works best for your foot. It’s like receiving a face-to-face product review! Our employees can share information from experience that cannot be known simply by looking at or trying on a brand new pointe shoe.

For instance, many of the pointe shoes we have worn ourselves, and consequently we can give you inside information as to how a particular shoe breaks in, how long it lasts for our foot strength, tricks we have used to make it last longer, characteristics of the shoe we have liked or disliked, and various taping, padding and sewing techniques that we have found useful. Besides providing information about the shoe, we also know what looks good aesthetically – we’ve watched a lot of pointe dancing and have worked with a lot of different types of feet!

Remember, dancing en pointe is a process!

There is a lot to learn along the way through your own experiences on pointe. At Grand Jeté, we’ve been there and are here to help you. Long story short, we’re adding up all our experience and training and pouring it into making your first pointe shoe fitting the best experience it can be, making sure you leave well-informed and with the best pointe shoe for your foot! ☺

What Else Do I Need?

Grand Jeté is a full service dancewear store. You can be sure you will not simply be handed a pair of pointe shoes and sent on your way! Besides receiving an expert fitting, you will be informed of the proper way to care for your shoes as well as which accessories may be vital or helpful to your dancing en pointe.

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