Full Body Massage

Looking for relief from tension and tight muscles? Now you can make a simple massage part of your daily routine wherever you are!  

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Whether you have a highly active or sedantary lifestyle, muscle tension can be a constant struggle that translates into foot, leg, back, neck pain — you name it.  Our line of Rubz Massage Tools allows you to apply the level of pressure you need to roll out tight and tired muscles — whether during a quick break in the day or simply while relaxing and watching TV!

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Foot Massage Ball

Foot Massage Ball

Most of our muscle soreness and tension actually originates in our feet.  By rolling out your feet each day, it may relieve tension throughout the legs and even up into the back.  This small, dense massage ball can get into the small pressure points of the foot that we may not even have realized were tight or strained.  The small spikes allow for more articulation than a tennis ball or golf ball.

Retail Jobs

Whether you are a dancer, a dance teacher, a retail associate, a chef, or one of countless other employees on their feet all day long, you’re bound to feel foot fatigue by the end of the day.  Make it a habit to roll out your feet each day to improve circulation, relieve symptoms of plantar fiscitis, and enable relaxation.

Foot being rolled out with massage ball

Small enough to take with you!

*Use it at your desk at work.

*Stick it in your dance bag for between rehearsals & classes.

*Use it on your lunch break.

*Carry it in your gym bag for your workout cool-down.

Foot Roller 

Foot Roller

For more overall coverage and less-concentrated pressure, try the foot roller.  The roller allows your foot to spread out and receive the massage across the whole foot at once.

roller used to massage calf muscles

A double benefit to the foot roller is that it may also be used to roll out calf muscles, hamstrings, and even tendons surrounding the ankles and knees.  Use your body weight to apply the amount of pressure desired, but be careful to ease into it.  Tighter muscles need a more gradual approach to rolling them out.

Full Body Massage Tool 

woman rubbing her neck at her desk

 Sitting for long periods of time, whether working on a project or staring at a computer, is bound to result in pain and tension in the neck and upper back.

Working hard on arm positions and proper alignment in dance classes may also cause new muscles to become tired and sore.

Here’s where the full body massage tool comes in!

Full Body Massage Tool

 The uneven shape of the full body massage tool allows you to select the small end for focused spot treatment or the larger end for broader coverage.  Apply the desired pressure with your hand — you get much more leverage than simply using your fingers!

Full body massage tool being used on a shoulder

Use the Full Body Massage Tool on your shoulders and neck — also try it on your hips and specific spots on your legs or IT band.

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