Loyalty Programs

Individual & Group Savings

Stocking up for the school year? 

Gearing up for summer programs?    

Preparing for a special performance? 

We want you to be fully prepared and well-equipped so you can dance your best, but we know items add up quickly! That’s why we have a savings program specifically tailored to our dancers needing to make purchases in large quantities.

  Spending $500 or more qualifies you for a 10% discount off the total. 

*Applies to the total of an individual purchase or a studio/group purchase. Not applicable for individuals compiling their purchases.

Studios, teachers or group performances may find our savings program very helpful for costuming needs. Our staff is well-equipped to give expert advice and feedback to aid in your costume planning and ordering. With Grand Jeté’s wide variety of stock and ordering capabilities, we will help you find the items that fit your needs and your budget.

Gift Cards

Give the gift of Grand Jeté! Gift Cards are available in any amount for any occasion.  Grand Jeté gift cards never expire and may be redeemed for Grand Jeté merchandise only.  We keep a record for your convenience of all cards issued, should they be misplaced or forgotten.

Grand Jeté Points

We value our returning customers and want to reward you by offering you Grand Jeté Points! For every dollar you spend, you will automatically receive one point, and when you’ve reached 500 points, you will receive $20 off your next purchase!

Professional/Instructor Discount

Professionals (dancers/instructors) are eligible to receive a 10% discount off any Grand Jeté purchase.

Professionals spending over $500 are eligible to receive 15% off their entire order!

Customer Files

When you make a purchase at Grand Jeté, you can request that we create a customer file that tracks all of your purchases and preferences, such as styles and sizes.  This way, whether you place an order over the phone or shop in-store, we can reference what you’ve worn previously and whether you liked it or not!  We can also make a note if you are a professional to make sure you get your discount.