Make Your List & Check It Twice!

Recital season is in full swing, with summer intensives following close behind!  At Grand Jeté, we’re here to help you go into your performances calm and collected with these tips for making sure your dance bag is stocked with all the essentials for a great show!

Keep hair and makeup accessories (like those elusive bobby pins!) in a place you can actually find ’em when you need ’em with the Ainsliewear cosmetic bag.

  • Ainsliewear Cosmetic Bag
  • Bunheads Bobby Pins
  • Bunheads Hair Pins – great for buns and thick hair!
  • Bunheads Eyelashes – available in “Lightweight” or “Heavyweight”
  • Dasha Performance Earrings – available in post or clip


Take care of your feet!  Whether it’s taping toes or making them smell sweet, rolling out muscles or keeping them warm – we have everything you need to make sure you can dance for hours!

  • Bloch Warm-up Booties
  • Bunheads Toe Tape, KT Tape and more
  • Body Wrappers Stirrup Legwarmers
  • Sweet Feet Spray
  • Foot Rubz Massage Ball and Roller
  • Ripstop Shorts & Pants by Body Wrappers
  • Gaynor Minden Flexibility Band

  • Thera Bands
  • Body Wrappers Stirrup Legwarmers
  • Bullet Pointe Ripstop Shorts – Reversible!
  • Suffolk Butt Glue – don’t let those costumes slip!
  • Body Wrappers Romper – super cute & soft!


“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.”

~Marilyn Monroe

A dancer’s shoes are an extension of the feet – and we’ve got the tools to make sure they feel good and last as long as they can!

  • Bunheads Stitch Kit – a compact essential kit that travels with you!
  • Ballroom Heel Caps – in various sizes – protect both your favorite heels as well as the dance floor!
  • Bunheads Deodorizing Pouches – absorb moisture & eliminate odor!
  • Jet Glue – customize pointe shoes and make them last longer!
  • Toe Pads – in various materials, sizes and brands
  • Shoe Brush – use on the soles of both pointe shoes and ballroom shoes to create traction
  • Bloch Spray Rosin – use it on shoes, ribbons and clothing to prevent slipping – with no mess!

That’s a wrap!

Make your life easier by keeping everything you need together and organized in a durable dance bag with plenty of multi-purpose pockets, different straps/handles and fun designs for both adults and kids!

  • Danshuz Hole Punch Tote
  • Horizon Kids Sequin Duffle
  • Sassi Kids Quilted Tote
  • Capezio Ballet Squad Duffle
  • Bloch Multi-compartment Tote Bag