Dear Parents of First-Time Pointe Students:

We know many parents are just as excited as the student is for her first pair of pointe shoes! And we know that you also may have a lot of questions about the process of being fit for pointe shoes or various aspects of dancing en pointe. Whether you are a dancer yourself or have never danced before – we’re here to help!

What we want you to know:
  1. You can feel confident that the Grand Jeté staff is highly-trained and will take the time to find the best fit for your daughter’s first pair of pointe shoes.
  2. We will ask her many questions as to how the shoes feel as we try on different styles and sizes.
  3. During your visit to Grand Jeté, feel free to ask us any questions you have about the fit of pointe shoes or any general questions you have about dancing en pointe.
  4. We want you both to feel comfortable with the point shoes she selects.
  5. Bring a camera! Often both students and parents want to be able to document this special occasion smiley :-).
  6. We will start a file for your dancer with a sales history of everything you purchase shoes, ribbon, elastic, pads, etc. — for your future reference and convenience.
  7. If you’ve come a distance to the Grand Jeté and need to order anything in the future, we will have her record on file and would be happy to mail anything you need.
  8. After you’ve left the store and your daughter begins dancing on pointe, please feel free to contact us with any additional questions!

How long will the pointe shoes last?

Realistically, a pair of pointe shoes is only meant to last 12-15 hours of dancing. However, don’t panic! Typically, her first pair will last longer simply because her foot is still building strength and technique. The length of time pointe shoes last varies greatly depending on the strength of a dancers feet and the intensity of her pointe classes.

How will we know when we need to get a new pair?

Often, when a pointe shoe is considered “dead”, a dancer will feel a lack of support in going on pointe or have a difficult time staying on pointe. The shank may no longer be supportive or the box may be too soft. Other times she may have simply outgrown the shoes and feels that her toes are bent inside the shoe. Her teacher may also help her know when a new shoe is needed. You are always welcome to bring the pointe shoes in to Grand Jeté, and we will check the fit to see if its time for a new pair.

Why are there so many options and styles of shoes?

Each dancers foot is unique and varies in regard to length, width, shape, thickness, arch, strength etc. We carry multiple styles to be able to address each of these characteristics. The shoe must fit the shape and strength of the foot in order to support it well on pointe. Feel free to ask questions about particular styles during the fitting or by calling us at 651-227-0331.