Problem Solved!

As dancers, we dance on our toes, wear spandex daily, undergo a sequin and makeup transformation to be stage ready, and somehow manage to keep all those little hairs in a bun.  With our unique skillset comes a unique set of challenges — and at Grand Jete we have several new accessory tips and tricks to help make your life easier and your dancing better!


Problem: Need to keep leotards or costumes in place?

Solution: Suffolk Butt Glue

Suffolk Butt Glue

Suffolk Butt Glue is a super-adhesive, clear glue that you can roll straight onto your skin to keep leotards from riding up, keep costumes from slipping and put your mind at ease.  And it washes off easily with water!  This is a life saver when it comes to competitions and performances.  Use it with your formal wear too for a worry-free evening out!


Problem: Dance shoes slipping? Dealing with messy rock rosin?

Solution: Bloch Spray Rosin

Bloch Spray Rosin

Bloch Spray Rosin is rock rosin that you can easily throw in your dance bag and take with you!  Spray it on the soles of your shoes or on the tips of your pointe shoes to create traction between you and the floor so you can dance more confidently!  You can also use it to keep ribbons and dancewear in place.


Problem: Need to match your shoes to your skin or costume?

Solution: Pointe People Pointe Paint

Pointe Paint

The Pointe People have created the easiest way to matte or dye both satin and canvas shoes.  Their water-based paint is portable and simple to apply by alternately dabbing and dragging the sponge top over the shoe’s material until it is fully covered.  Finally…no mess!  Choose from their rainbow of colors, or find your skin tone in one of their 7 shades of nude.


Problem: Lost your drawstring???

Solution: Suffolk Drawstring Threader

Drawstring Threader

Perhaps one of the most frustrating things is trying to snug up your dance shoes by pulling tight on the drawstring, only to have half of it disappear inside the seam…  Rather than spend hours of digging and finagling, invest in Suffolk’s Drawstring Threader to easily hook and drag out that elusive bit of string.  You can also use it to upgrade and replace your cotton drawstring for elastic or vise versa.


Problem: I have too much hair to keep in a bun!

Solution: Suffolk Extra Strength Long Hair Pins

Suffolk Hair Pins

Long or thick hair can be tricky to keep all wrapped up in a bun, and sometimes those bobby pins just aren’t strong enough to do the trick when you start leaping across the floor.  Grand Jete now carries extra strength, 2.75″ hair pins in blonde, brunette and black.  They come in a convenient dispenser, with four compartments holding 12 pins and 2 bonus spiral pins.


Stop by and pick up one of each to toss in your dance bag!